Ten Minutes To Decide

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

He is standing on the bridge, the fingers of the clock ticking on
But do I want to marry him; will this suitor be the only one?
Why can he not court me, and in the proper fashion
Do you think I should say yes, out of sheer compassion?

They say love will come, it can and it will grow in time
But I am not sure, if I want him to be mine
Romance, roses and honour, is that all I should expect 
Do you think of him a good husband, this one should I select?

The time is ticking by; he looks impatient and looks vexed
Tell me what to do, I am unsure, I am perplexed.
But one thing I know, and that is if I have ten minutes to decide
I do not think I want to be a hurried and unloved bride.

© GG 14/06/2013
Contest entry: George Dunlop Leslie sponsored by Isaiah Zerbst