Canada Eh

Written by: Jack Ellison

Ocean Falls, B.C. has on average Over 300 days of rain a year Surely not somewhere I'd want to live Many attempt suicide I hear Canadians have a funny habit of Ending each sentence with an “eh” Couldn't be a bank robber in the U.S.A. The “eh” would be a dead giveaway Average number of folks in our households Is roughly 2.6, give or take Would sure like to meet that .6 person An interesting image that'd make Millions attend our Calgary Stampede But we're really not a bunch of yahoos We're a very computer literate country Emails we send quite a slew A unique Canadian one dollar coin Was introduced back in 1987 It's affectionally known as a loonie But it doesn't describe us, thank heaven Even dog food here is tax-deductible Expecting big lineups at immigration Reason to migrate to this wonderful land We welcome folks from ever nation © Jack Ellison 2103