always been you

Written by: Davin Payne

my heart gets heavy and hard to lift
starving plenty for a hug and kiss
when having doubt and feeling miffed
my headed route is clouds and mist
abound i drift, surrounding bliss
astounding fix, of a founded miss
its always been you, purest gift
forever in love, worth living with
patience is a virtue into a circle
realer than rehearsal
bleeding from the hurtful
possible torture a test of time
obstacles being reason or mind
they say even believing blind
why do you light the way I find?
sigh to a place we lay with wine
dream of a day you stay as mine
clocks lost in a thought of pine
woods of woulds, hope the shine
through tree tops, looking for signs
will our hearts bind, run true if tried
sights on high, i bite  my lip
and close my eyes,  floating divine
learning every detail of your curves
any couldn't outplace you first
laughing  tho sleepless rest assured
uttering what I feel needs no words