Written by: ifedayo oshin


I have learnt
To be always, myself
For no one can ever be me
And if am not myself
I will be nobody, for I can’t be anybody

I have learn 
To learn as much from
Great people from the past and present
But never to imitate them
Lest I deprive the world of another great person

I have learnt that
All people is like a seed of potentials
If we all shall find separate grounds
We shall grow, spread and
Bear also fruit with seeds of promises

I have learnt
To strive ever for the best
But to be contented
With every little step forward
For perfection is a lifetime achievement

I have learnt
To stand for and by myself
If not, who will be for me?
And if I am only for myself
What kind of self I am?

I have learnt
That humans are capable of many extremes
And are epitome of fluctuations and oscillations
So from all I meet at all time
I expect the best, bad and the worst

I have learnt that
It will not matter
What people may think, say or do
But what I think, say or do
About what they think, say or do
I have learnt that
All humans are farmers;
Who sow thoughts, words and actions
Sparingly or bountifully
We shall reap manifold as our fruits

I have learnt that
The best form of living is;
To live and enjoy every moment fully
For by tomorrow it may be late
And yesterday will only drag me back 

I have learnt that
Life is movement
So I walk when I cannot run
Crawl when I can no longer walk
Making sure I never stop or stand still

I have learnt that
It is not where I have been or seen
That matters
But where I  am
And where I will be that counts

I have learnt
The wisdom of not worrying about tomorrow
For one day is too great
For human control
And twenty –four hours
Are too small numbers to worry me

I have learnt
That I what I possess matters not
But what possesses me
Not what I hold
But what holds me

I have learnt 
To acquire so much possession
That I can secure in time of flood
So much so strong
That it can stand onslaught of fire

I have learnt that
If even I am richer than Bill Gate
There are things I never can buy;
Air, love, peace, joy, sleep and death

I have learnt that
If the whole world was mine
I could only be in one place at a time
So I learn to be generous with my largesse

I have learnt
That one must be generous
But not only with material things
But also with a largesse of heart
That endures human moments of madness