I Can Soar

Written by: E. Pearl Anderson

As the bird flies high – so can I
With wings extended to soar
Into the hearts of men with fingers
To touch the soul forevermore

Comforting with soft, gentle touch
Easing pain I reposition
Wiping tears of a troubled heart
To my Savior I petition

Writing to create and stimulate
Painting words to color the bleak
Holding pen or bush carefully
To share His beauty I do seek

My fingers extend from my brain
Guiding ev’ry movement and thought
If only, I soar in quiet
With the birds, doing what I ought

As the bird soars high – so can I
With fingers as wings, working love
Into the heart of man in some way
Bringing honor to our Lord above

I can soar; I can soar all days
Through Him who always guides my way

  	-Evelyn Pearl Carpenter Anderson