Written by: Glenda Ingalls

Teenagers, Gods wonderful treat
They start out as babies
Are always under your feet
But you know they are so sweet

They are our blessings
We can't deny
Even though all they do is cry

First year, second, made it threw
Third year, fourth, getting the groove
Fifth year, sixth, made it to school
Seventh year, eighth, it's running smooth

Ninth year, tenth, there growing up
Eleventh year, twelveth, they don't shut up
Thirteenth year, they hit the spot
Now look what we got, teenager

Teenagers are wonderful creatures
Was put here on earth to be small teachers
Turning their parents gray headed over night
With worry, pacing, and all the fights

But they are our children
No matter what 
A blessing sent from God
Each parent got
To nurture, love, and help them grow
And watch our teenagers sow
Their seeds in life
We love them so