Written by: Chula Fleming

Deep in meditation, I waited.
Breathing slow, soft and deep; I waited.
Then exploded on the inner screen
Such an image of the Divine Matrix
It took my breath away.

There sat I, alone, yoga posed and silent
And from my glowing body spanned
A multitude of galaxies, their webs and strands
Of multiplicit energies, reaching away and beyond
Connecting with lifeforms unimagined.

Each pulsing thread bearing high voltage messages
And deepening awareness of connections within,
As above, so below. 
Suddenly I knew I could generate change,
Be a force for good, love and plenty

Because my threads of life, awareness, love and God Force
Reached out across the universe. 
As I am here, I am there, I am everywhere Present.
The threads of the Matrix weave the web of eternity,
forward and back, all the tomorrows, abundance or lack.

And so, revived, encouraged and conscious
I now can use the threads of the Matrix
To create, transform, transmute and rediscover
All the marvelous pieces of my shattered, scattered selves
into the golden threads of the Matrix. 
Reborn, Renewed.