I Remember a Mother Like no Other

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

I remember when we used to sweep the street,
dancing and kicking... with our feeble feet.
Mother fed us with the law of meet and greet;
this often earned us a pocket full of sweet.

I remember when we used stones and sticks,
to build towers without base or bricks.
We often play hide and seek...treat or tricks,
mother cares for us whenever we get sick.

I remember when we used our fist to fight,
sometimes for fun and also to give fright;
but whenever we show up at tales by moonlight,
mother taught us to treat each other right.

I remember we used to wake up to wee,
at twilight under the tropical Oak Tree,
there were many insects we used to see,
mother warned us to beware of the Bee.

I remember we used to pray and read the Bible,
and eat our meal together on the same table.
Mother taught us from cradle to shun trouble...
I know her name is written on God's eternal marble.