Insight of Life

Written by: Lillie Williams

Sometimes you think in life
That the end beats the beginning
And you look for your life
To have that fairy tale ending
You look at other people and
Say; you got success and
Tears fall down because your
Life seems like a mess

You fought many battles
But the war lies ahead
You should control your life
But your life controls you instead
Recording of negative thoughts
Play over and over in your head
When you should be sleeping
You toss and turn in your bed

If someone would care about 
How you feel inside
The pain it brings when all
They have to offer is lies
There’s this numb feeling when
You find yourself alone
The hurt twist your head
And your joy somehow has gone

You take a deep breath and
And try to count to seven
As you push through the anger
Trying hard to reach heaven
Just one little word you try
Hard to whisper in prayer
If God would only answer
You know that he’s there

Struggling in this life to
Do that which is good
What you know is best and
What you thought you could
No one ever told you that
This life would be fair
No one ever told you that 
The world would care

Now it’s your time to 
Build high upon faith
Believing you is somebody
With the keys to the gate
Which is your life that you
Fight to keep straight
Built upon love and a
Long way from hate
Think about this the next time
You feel sorry for yourself
Life becomes dusty when
You leave it on the shelf.