The Poet and The King


You are the Poet,
Among the first five;
I do understand,
You are the 
Poet of the Poet;
The best poet!
Neither “Homer”
Nor “Gibran”;
Neither “Neruda”;
Nor “Tagore”;
Like all other 
Poet of the Poets;
You too scribbles nonsense, 
Sometimes like the 
other famous poets;
You yourself is the originator;
As well as the reader.
then you become
victorious; defeated…….
  You are the King
Among the first five 
I do understand 
You are the 
King of the Kings;
The best King !
Neither “Charles II”
Nor “Henry V”;
Neither “Edward”;
Nor “Asoka”;
Like all other
King of Kings,
You yourself is the Creator;
as well as the destroyer;
You  too declares world war
sometimes like the 
other famous Kings!
Without warnings
You yourself is the creator;
As well as the destructor;
then you become
victorious;the defeated..