Rain Dance

Written by: Bob shank

Upon the wind
a soothing voice
echoes prolonged memories

could it be

the angel who sits upon my shoulder
that mythical fallacy of "always with me"
or hath death played a cruel joke
with me bearing the punch line
struggling to hear
unable to touch
searching the horizon
blinded by hope

where art thou

desperately I seek thee
upon petals of flowers
though graveyards of smiles
within the eyes of innocence
who play hide and seek
never to be found
oblivious to discovery

my soul aches

for the comfort of your touch
those imperfect crippled hands
blessed with a dove's softness
cascading light upon a dark soul
the power to heal contained in a voice
that fluttered from a pure heart
never to be heard again
lest there be a storm
and prayers for rain are granted.....

For Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

"a lover, whose love was often deliberately 
misunderstood; but who will live in the sun 
and the rains and whose name will echo 
through all the winds, whose spirit will flower 
and who like Emmitt Hill and Malcolm X will be 
remembered by his people for the great MAN 
HE COULD HAVE BEEN and most especially 
for the BEAUTIFUL BOY HE WAS" - Nikki Geovanni