The son inside of me.

Written by: michael romero

For years I pondered what I could of been, for years that past I hid the son in side 
of me,
  A Mama`s boy always, but Daddy little man I never was I never had the chance 
to be,
Never taught to play any kind of ball, though competitive I am, I never looked up to 
any one,
  Just down at a picture, a picture of a man who never came around yet I was his 
No one there to say this is how you become a man, this is how you hold a girls 
hand, know when to take your stand,
  The son inside of me played alone in the sand.
As a child I spoke to no one,   you could tell I wasn`t having fun, I never knew the 
filling or meaning in Father and son,
  The untold story begun.
Shy, short tempered and withdrawn a child who had his mom wondering yet 
understanding of my becoming,
  A fatherless boy who held a picture for so long" when will he come and save 
me" the son in side of me wondering,
Today a proud father of a outstanding young man, since birth I was always near 
by to hold him, to play, to listen and to be Dad,
  I`ve been hero when he was hurt, a coach when he shot or passed the ball, a 
mentor when I told him you get up after a fall, I am the father I never had,
  The son in side of me is my sons best friend, he smiles, he no longer looks to 
the picture he is to busy.... being my sons Dad .