Dark to Light

Written by: Drakavai the Wordsmith

Dark to light
Through memories of time lost as our grip on love slips
We claw our way back to the light as the blood dries on our finger tips
Wounded souls no matter how dark the clouds become
The rain refreshes and gives new life to your roots that have fallen numb
Lost in the meaning of their words we don’t understand
Defiant of their lies and half truths peppered with malice the orchestra grand
A heart betrayed grows weak but still to love it will beckon
Always the willing victim for the eventual truth of our redemption we reckon
The clock tick tocks as we race the hands to the inevitable end
Wishing on the well for more time pennies in hand hope in anything we pretend
Envious eyes look upon one another for the love they possess
Embracing the animosity suffers the fool to lose the will as into dark they regress
Despair not that the embrace of love may come and it may go
Embrace the warmth when it shines upon you like the sun with its morning glow
Dive head first into your romance and let the inhibitions swoon
Sail on the seas with the wind at your back guided by the light of the loving moon