the wishes

Written by: barbara stump

through the bareness of the golden horizon I see
sitting upon the vast mountain tops as I gaze over east
it touches the relm of the most deepest purple sky
as the night begins to descends by and by

the houses begin to turn their lights on
dusk begins to bid good-night to yonder song
quite times for families once more, while
the younger children kneel beside their bed saying prayers on the floor

the night beckons the owls to hosts songs of love
as the night birds start to coo
peepers chirps their melodies in trees from above
while day birds, already nested for the night, knowing it is time to sleep too

through this time the night winds blow
as the stars begin to shine for us to see
then at once a few decide to shoot across the Northern sky
as I lowered my sleepy glace, I noticed, like me,
a lonely traveler stopped to watch them swish by, with a silent, wishful plea