Karma is Where It's At

Written by: Joe Flach

My therapist is an emotional wreck
Who sees demons in his own ink blots
My wife is receiving marital advice
From a priest who never tied the knot

My doctor is a hypochondriac 
With every illness in the books
My bank account has a zero balance
Seems my accountant is a crook

My children consider themselves fatherless
Until they need some cash
I can’t even relax with a hit off a joint
Because the police smoked all my stash

My short term memory has long since gone
My dog ran away with the spoon
A have to eat soup with a salad fork
Voices I hear have sucked a helium balloon

It seems, good Lord, the joke’s on me
Karma is really where it’s at
Instead of spending so much time in church
I should have been performing some kinder acts