The Parlor Of Prometheus - Part Five -

Written by: Justin Bordner

" Mephistopheles became a river whose current flowed in the wrong direction,
he believed that suffering could be eradicated from life,
absurd as lead being wieghtless,
his deviance led him to challenge my hegemony in the meditterranian world
during the climax of ancient Rome.
He became obsessed with silly theories of evil,
money is evil, war is evil,
vengence, dishonesty, greed, everything instrumental
to gaining competitive success Mephistopheles was considering to be bad,
he had gone insane
and so I immolated him to the Cosmos
and in loving memory I established a Church, an Empire, from his life,
I made gold from grease."

I was completely stunned by these revelations,
I nearly forgot how to breathe,
I was like a child lost in a labyrinth of questions, doubts & beliefs,
every walkway becoming longer,
every moment
darker, everything true suspect,
I was panicing through amazement,
I mustered the strength to ask one more question
before He dismissed me,
do you think you're evil,
the Devil said,
" I am remorseless, unforgiving and unmistakable,
I can be the pulse of your dreams
and the strain in your heart,
I am a purity so clean
that I am toxic to the profane; I am flesh."

J.A.B.  Copyright 2013