Today to the awakening 
you have asked me why you have been 
the chosen one between so many people 
and how is the form of my feeling. 
so … I wrote you a list 
moments that cause this deep love.

In the mornings when we open the eyes 
I observe your free face of strange colors 
and the hair tangled between my fingers
I have the woman of my dreams. 

When you are looking yourself in the mirror	
I approach to give you a kiss in the cheek 
and we join our happy images
I see the woman of my dreams. 

When we walk along the street in love
I take your hand and receive the heat of your body 
mix of meat and flushed hearts
I go with the woman of my dreams. 

During the dinner with friends 
Our looks are constantly crossing
and in complicity … we smile.
I am with the woman of my dreams. 

In the night in complete semidarkness 
we dismiss the day shared 
with a caress and a kiss. 
I sleep with the woman of my dreams. 

But though the years happen 
and the children, already big, depart far, 
again alone I will continue saying: 
you are the beautiful woman of my dreams!