Ode(ious) to Cancer

Written by: Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson

C ells with
A naplastic large cell problems
N eed to be treated - is there a
C ure for what I've got?
E vidently not -- 
R ats!

R eally, I'm not that
E ducated on the concept
A nd I don't want to 
R ead up on the
S ubject

I 'd much rather
T hink it's gone
S omewhere

U nknown and undefined -- a
G ame I play with myself, a
L ie I tell myself and
Y ou

H ey!
E verbody!
A nybody?
D amn!

A lright, I
G uess I'll just
A ccept the fact that
I have been given this
N ew life 

O pportunity to
H eal

W ith the 
E xcellent support and
L ove of my friends --
L ife never dies, does it?