Similarity in Live's

Written by: Star Light

As with Ester... 
Standing strong.. whom she belongs to..
without waver... as beholding Love in True
Sparkle Star-lit beheld her past

God blessed Ester
Made her a queen
With Love betwixed both
beholding All in Truth
Her and her King

And Joseph the son of Jacob
had many dreams of many dreams
which later manifested into reality
As Joseph was sold into slavery

God gave Joseph gifts 
to analysis dreams
as God pulled Joseph out of the pit
and placed him on High
as an Egyptian Leader
Over many.. to the extremes

God planned all this to be
as with your life and mine
As within my Life
I see some similarity 
strange things that has happened

as myself.. I am a woman of Christ
Within my life.. I see alot of Ester within
as tis certain man.. his Love beguiles me
and as Many of my dreams.. of many dreams

Manifestation of Destiny
many dreams of dreams
come forth into Reality
"Dreams do come True"

I know God has Great plans
for "Me and You"
Creation.. Manifestation...  
behold.. Loves Destiny… 
God reasons and beyond… 

Just take a Look at you life..
You might be surprised 
what pathway your life tis be
Might be similar to Joesph.. or Jacobs
Or Rachel.. or Ester.. 

Come to Jesus
            Find whom your really are in Christ
You are Precious Child of Most High God..