Elementary Poetry

Written by: Eileen Manassian

I can’t play with words
I can’t make them dance
I can’t show the essence
Of a sweet romance

I can’t make them soar
I can’t make words fly
I can’t make them brave
So that they touch the sky

I can’t make them sparkle
No, I can’t make them shine
I can’t make them yearn
In a love song so fine 

I can’t draw word sketches
That help the eyes to see
Hidden revelations 
Of a great Deity

My words are quite simple
No, they are not profound 
They’re quarried from my heart
My struggles they expound

No need for outside help
To search for what I mean
It is clear and simple
The message can be seen

I’m a humble writer
My words bleed from my soul
I write to find healing
I need to be made whole

Thank you all for reading
For posting comments here
For withholding judgment
That’s why I hold you dear

Jesus used simple words
To make them understand
Profound eternal truths
Birthed in His master plan

And so I’ll keep writing
My little poetry
And hope someone somewhere
Finds joy in reading me

Eileen Manassian Ghali