Written by: Victor Alexander


Dear time,
How are you and how are you doing?
I hope everything is alright with you?
If so, thanks be to God.

My aim of writing is simply complex
I don’t know how and where to begin
But still, I have got to tell you my mind
This is a letter of how you have treated me.

You gave me time when I needed none
You refused to give me time when I needed one
You denied me some opportunities that would have helped me
You granted me so opportunities that didn’t help me.

There was a time when I was lonely and you refused to give me company
In thirst and hunger; there was neither water nor food provided to me
Why did you allow me to witness some painful moments?
I wasted my time crying and wailing; Spent most of my time sorrowing.

Thank you, for the opportunities you gave me that I utilized
Thank you, for the time you gave me to correct my mistakes
Thank you, for the sweet moments I witnessed and enjoyed
Thank you, for the time you are giving me to use and live on.

In conclusion, thank God for the time he gave you to give me
Tell him that am grateful for his benevolence, care and protection
I have learnt how to manage the time you give me and those you don’t give 
Greet the year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second for me
Take care and remain blessed until we see in time to come.

									Your friend,