ABC of Love

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

A kiss a day keeps the blues away
But a hug is even better
Cannot get enough of you
Don’t think things can get much better

Every time I think of you
Fluttering goes my heart
Giving me a feeling true
Holding hope we will never part.

In your arms I long to be
Just because we are apart
Keep me with in your dreams to see
Love that flows from heart to heart

My heart is yours it seems
No one can take it away
Oh my love I’ve sent letters in reams
Please never from us sway

Quote back to me my love for you
Read my letters of love
Stay with me our love renew
Take my hand as close as in glove

Under the stars we plight our troth
Venus is our guiding light
When the light does attach the moth
Xanthocomic covers the pillow tonight

Yin to my yang, you are my love, and our love will ever grow
Zoetic high we will be, and this the whole world show

Contest Entry
© ~GG~ 23/05/2013

Xanthocominc…. Yellow Hair
Zoetic……………Living/ Vital