Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

                                                     A BOX FOR MY FRIEND

                                                       I have built you a box
                                                       As tall as a tree
                                                       A box for disposal of
                                                       Black memories
                                                       A box that will hold
                                                       All guys who have hurt
                                                       A box that will hold
                                                       All their stinky old shirts.

                                                        I have blown a glass cup
                                                        That will hold every tear
                                                        You will dump every heart ache
                                                        Dump in the box
                                                        Every shivering fear--
                                                        make certain to hide
                                                        Nasty words so unfair--
                                                        Echoes that strangle
                                                        The woman you are..............

                                                        You’ll perk some fresh coffee
                                                        Breathe a world drama free--
                                                        Thump your butt on that box lid ---
                                                        And sip your new dreams.

15 May 2013
Victoria Anderson-Throop