PASSION. . . . . .PLEASE. . . . .

Written by: Jennifer Jeyashri Anthony Alex

It seem so temting,
to feel your lips,
mine is contemplating,
to share with you a kiss. . . .
the sweetness of your tongue,
oh. . .
i really miss,
the passion in me,
for you,
when can i release,
your grip on me so tight,
you handled me with such ease,
the feel of your breath,
touching my skin it seeks,
the passion that i miss,
with your sweet kiss,
don't you seize,
while in your arm,
my time it will freeze,
sure enough,with your kiss,
it'll melt with so much ease,
the skin on my neck,
with your tongue,you tease,
my heart it's melting,
please hold me in you. . . 
please. . . . . .