Lifegivers Response

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Please read Eileen's poem "To the Lifegiver" first.

Yes I have given you 365 days
Yet the pages are not blank
I have choreographed an amazing dance
I ask you to take my hand
Your life is to important to leave to chance

You being you is what makes me smile
I know the you that you are meant to be
Not the one bound by the chains you see
By accepting my hand you can be truly free

With your pen
You have touched many hearts
A gift I bequeathed you from the start
I am the giver of dreams
Write what I say
Like me an author
You have a part to play

I have your days recorded in my book
I knew them before the Earths foundation shook
I lead you to still waters and refreshing brooks

My love is not one you have to earn
I wonder if mankind will ever learn
What I long for is relationship
A tough concept for most to grip

I patiently wait 
I want you to trust
You are so much more than merely dust
I have made you with a soul that's just

A butterfly
A flower
That's not fully bloomed
Here today and forever
You will not be consumed

My fire will purify
In you is a spirit of gold
One day my beauty you will behold

Enyoy this dance
Let me take the lead
I died for you so that you don't have to bleed
Your life my garden where I planted the seed
Some day you will let me cradle you in my arms
You will no longer be smitten by this worlds charms
I patiently wait
Give you 365 days
Perhaps some day soon you will understand my ways

Inspired by Eileen Ghail's Poem "To The Lifegiver"