Written by: Jennifer Jeyashri Anthony Alex

Sitting on the bed,
waiting for your touch,
looking at you i go red,
your gaze were as such,
you played across my skin,
with your fingers,you win,
it travelled from my hand,
to my neck slow its been,
your hand on my neck,
pulling me closer to you,
your kiss on my lips,
i don't know what to do,
you laid me on the bed,
not one word was said,
your lips were on mine,
beneath you there i laid,
the caress of your tongue,
in my mouth it has stung,
the night was still young,
my breath caught in my lung,
your hands played their part,
holding my body with a start,
pressing me against your heart,
on your bare chest,
my body,
with yours you guard,
the caress of your touch,
never felt a passion as much,
your bare shoulders,
my fingers they clutch,
the night has done,
its duty, no one can judge,
our first night of passion,
created such an explosion,
in me,
there's no confusion,
my hubby,
you are my life's conclusion. . . . .
giving myself to you,
for the first time in my life,
the pleasure we felt were true,
and me,
being your wife. . . . .