the woman I am

Written by: Maggie Huscroft

before I was the woman I am 
I played in a dusty garden
between the rusty cars 
and lavender 
and made the world my own

the grass was high
and the sky
held the hum 
of a solitary plane
and the buzz 
of foraging bees

before I was the woman I am
I held my children to me
and for a while
they played and sang 
under sun filled skies
and saw the seasons change

the breezes blew
and brought new
life to where the
leaves had fallen
and unhurried 
beetles scurried

and now I am the woman I am
but not the one you see
but if you're still 
you'll hear my voice
in the spider scuttling. 
or in the sea bird's call

and know me
in the traffic's thrum
or on the open road
trees blurred against the blue
each day with promise new
this world I made my own