Teeny Tiny Heart

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

She had a teeny tiny heart
It's like she had no heart at all
Impossible to be broken
The heart she had was way too small

He thought if he could water it
Perhaps like a seed it would grow
He watered it with his kindness
A difference started to show

Putting his ear next to her chest
He could actually hear it beat
It became like sweetest music
From head to the soles of her feet

It continued getting bigger
When he looked close he could see light
So he continued to love her
From early morning until night

She has a really mighty heart
The biggest he has ever seen
Yes it's true it can be broken
He is careful not to be mean

The heart is a wonderous thing
You never know who it will love
Her heart now a thing of beauty
Like an Angel's from up above

Another man is drawn to her
Attraction's a mutual thing
It turns into a full blown love
In the end it's sealed with a ring

The hero of this our story
Is the one who gives her away
He's so proud to be her father
This is such a glorious day