Beneath Our Skins

Written by: Joyce Johnson

                                 If we all walked  around without our skins,
		 virtues apparent as well as our sins,
		would he look different than I do, or you?
		God said that we should love our fellow man
		although he may live in another land.
		Why is it that’s so hard for us to do?

		Though he may go by a strange sounding name,
		beneath his skin he’s very much the same.
		He longs for health and happiness and love.
		We are  sojourners in this world of woe;
		our stays be short or long we cannot know, 
		each held accountable to Him above.

		Tread not on one another for a gain.
		Open your hearts to feel your brothers’ pain.
		This life is but a stepping stone to more.
		When we at last have seen our Savior’s face
		And find he is of  scorned and hated race
		Will we be welcomed through his open door?

		God gave His Son for you and him and me.
		Not one or other more beloved to be.