Written by: Kizito Sidegu

many a times have regretted being human
unfortunately i can't change my identity
reincarnation to me is hocus pocus
animals seem to have taken our place
stole the humane spirit from within us
left us hollow and poor in heart

a mother maroons an innocent angel
at the heart of the jangle to be a meal
for the beasts of doom the Hyenas
Amazing grace a wolf comes to its rescue
worth enough of being crowned a saint
and even earn a title from queen Elizabeth,
God works in mysterious ways we all sigh
a heavenly puzzle we are unable to unfold

people clinch their fists at one another
for reasons unworthy of honorable mentions
and so amongst us thrives an Arena
a battle field our own creations;
       religious wars termed us holy
      ethnic clashes day in day out
just then in the papers:"GRIMY DOG  NESTS ORPHANED KITTEN
UNBELIEVABLE!we discuss quietly amidst whispers
   a simple act intermingles us
 makes our hatred a folk tale

no news is good news
have learned to accept the say
awful news comes from the land of Aladin
women walk with the cautious of a mouse
for at every corner a demon lurks
awaiting a chance to devore them in cold blood
the red colour has become our fave
each single day we want to behold it
another spring from a log of flesh and bones
we've become worse than the killer lions of Tsavo
and when shall we reclaim our title?
only time will tell

 being human