Life of a Forensic Pathologist

Written by: Mya Thein

Life of a Forensic Pathologist”      
(Free verse in free style)	

Eleven years of high school, he had to try
Seven years of college, he almost cry
Becoming an intern, his professor a real oppressor
What can he do, he chose to be a doctor.

Forensic Pathologist is his specialty
Dissecting dead bodies is his eventuality
Finding the cause of death, natural or criminal
Is it heart attack or a stab wound so typical

Going to court, giving expert opinion
Had to be unbias, statements given with reason
He is a legal witness, to save the innocent
But to a guilty criminal, he had to be insolent.

His daily life is in the mortuary and not so easy
Once he is in, it is a lifetime job, not so briefly
It is a difficult career and do not expect to be rich
This is what he is, the life of a Forensic Pathologist.

Written by Dr Ko Ko Thein
                 Salt Lake City