Happy Mothers Day

Written by: Balbir Singh

My mum is the most special part,	
That I have cherished in my heart,
She is my mate, my sole and my pearl,
And is the one that made my life so great.

I am extremely sorry for all times,
That I have caused you pains,
But today and after today,
My love for you still remains.

You sacrificed your necessities…clothes...food,
To buy me happiness….toys…lollies,
But you never showed me your sadness,
To just maintain my happiness.

My mum, you are my best friend, so dear,
Throughout my life you’ve always near,
Your nice tender smile to guide my way,
You are my sunshine to light my day.

Wishing you a happy mothers day,
My flowers and wishes may not repay,
For all that you have done till this day,
Perhaps wishing you happy mothers day.