where do I begin my love for you

Written by: Ravi Sathasivam

Where do I begin my love for you.... Where do I begin my love for you My heart is a flame from a very strong feelings when I fall more in love with you I see my life is so cruel without being close to you I know Love is harder to accept than to give But I am sure you'll accept me unconditionally My darling, when you stay calm without no words my heart feel so lonely and hurts me so much How do I know your loving me or pretending you don't love me My heart is belongs to you only, the one true love in my life The hardest thing about dream is to find your love for me And love is strange thing that's leaves me alone without any destination Many sleepless nights brought my eyes red with a wet pillow When I saw you, your eyes made me more attracted to you When I talk to you, your smile makes me crazy for you When I think of you, my heart made me to fall in love with you There's nothing I want more then to love you and be with you. So darling, please break your silents and accept my love for you Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka all rights are reserved