breathing life into legalese

Written by: Goode Guy

I, henceforth, known as the respirer, do
solemnly swear hereafter, to take you in,
in sufficient quantities to ensure 
continuation of the flesh's animation.

I additionally, do accede my heretofore,
essential need of your estimable service, 
and express my desire to continue our 
mutually beneficial, ok, parasitic, relationship

Being, as you are, substantive to well-being,
I wish to publicly, and, without reservation,
acknowledge, my sincere admiration for your
valuable and well known qualities

By any and all conveyances available to stated 
respirer, procurement of your services is
to be distributed to every cell of said being 
equitably and on an as needed basis until
such time as service is no longer necessitated

I, the aforementioned respirer, do in earnest, 
testify to my intent and necessity for 
a continual contractual relationship, with you
In short, you breathe life into mine

© Goode Guy 2013-04-26