Angry Afraid Alone - The Story of Her Life

Written by: Sasha Maharaj

Thoughts of suicide running through her head. 
Feels like she’s at the edge of a cliff hanging by a thread. 
Want to so badly escape the reality she faces. 
Even when she’s with people she still feels outta place. 

Angry. Afraid. Alone, she stood out in the cold 
Wondering how did she get to be less bold? 
Is this a test we all go through in life? 
Coz she seems to be failing  each day with strife. 

Her smile and happiness seems to fade away. 
She’s losing her strength each passing day. 
How can she explain the feeling inside? 
It’s like part of her has completely died. 

She’s tired of the façade she keeps putting on. 
Pretending to be happy all day long. 
Deep inside she’s hurting real bad. 
Anger taking control over her, she thinks she’s going mad. 

Friends and family are all nearby. 
But lately all she wants to do is just cry. 
Feeling alone in this big world 
She’s nobody special just an ordinary gal. 

So Y me? She questioned in the open air. 
Hoping to get an answer from up there. 
But all she heard was the wind as it passed by, 
She looked on down with a huge sigh. 

She closed her eyes n pictured herself far away. 
Escaping all her thorts to visions of a sunny day. 
A place she was happy at, no worries in sight. 
Just clear blue waters and beautiful sand so white. 

The vision was short lived as it started to rain 
But she just stood there hoping it would wash away the pain. 
Falling to her knees as the rain washed her tears. 
This is the story of her life each and every year......