Shades of deceit

Written by: Drakavai the Wordsmith

Shades of deceit
Your love is a stranger waiting around the corner
Haunting me from the dark drawn into your danger
Whispering on the breeze taunting me with words
Your breath against my skin while my heart pleads
Stalking my secrets as our shadows do the dance
Following my suffering every step with my regrets
You linger like a dream like a waking nightmare
Sleepless to distraught my sanity pulls at the seam
Breaking the bind you leave me within the pitch
Peering around the corners still you haunt my mind
Screaming to the walls only cold left on my skin
Stumbling to the ground the last bit of my heart falls
Bleeding itself dry as I watch lost in my horrors
A familiar scene wounded truth no longer can I cry
Crumbling to dust my broken heart fades away
My soul armor left in your elements decays to rust