The Country Kind Of Love

Written by: Annie Lander

In the beginning
There was love,
the countryside kind of loving
where we laid out in an old hammocks
under the shadow of the sycamores tree,
feeling that cool breeze on our face
it was just a little taste
of the country living;

a large pitcher of lemonade  in the icebox
Nana’s laundry blowing in the wind
Everything back then seem so innocent and benign
my friend and I were on a natural high
we giggle,  guffaws, from chuckles to  cackles
as we  lean our head back: and our laughter
were as loud  as the dogs barks;
while the whole flock of chickens cackle loudly
in a disorderly manner;

However, we held each other so tight
Until the stars came out and whinge about us
Suddenly, granddad yelled,
“Small Point!

It’s time to come inside”
I remember you hid under the shed
In the beginning
There was love and twenty years later
Five children.

The Poem have its own vernacular?
however, do enjoy the read.