Imprisoned PART 3

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield


etc., etc., etc., and the negativity just keeps steam rollering on and on, it just keeps on coming and coming, like giant waves crashing upon a serine beach, tearing it apart and depositing it’s garbage, littering what is beautiful with an ugliness that is unbefitting, yet the wellspring of understanding, desire, hope seems to be endless in it’s patience as each new day brings with it, the same old, same old as new cracks in my persona – she perceives, judges, creates and makes my reality – are put down, belittled, criticized as she, in her audacity, believes, perceives
 that her creations are my realities .
   These are the materials from which I should fashion the keys – if so chosen – into a solid mass, keys that would open ?,
should open the prison, the cage doors in order to set my soul, my spirit, my life free. Why do I let the essence of these potential keys come at me with such force, slapping me in the face all the time, punching me in the heart with such force it breaks in two, kicking me in the ass ?