Imprisoned PART 5

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield


   The creation of this man I’ve become – in her eyes – this overly flawed, overly sad, overly sensitive negative man, can it be ?, another projection ( negative image ) like the one she projected ( a positive image ) onto Mr. psycho, priest, counselor, poet, film maker, the image of flawlessness, of perfection, talent, intelligence, understanding, knowledge, etc., etc., etc. I have to wonder if we are but mirrored images of each other, like Alice, in wonderland and the other side of the looking glass – me portrayed as him and he as me – just twisted in the Ladies desire for and her desire for not. Could it be ?, that what she says she sees in me is really what she has seen in he and what I am she believes he to be .
   With all my analyzing, all my hypothesizing, no enlightened answers will be forth coming, out from the darkness of her subconscious and into the light of truths, of a truth that may be laid before our eyes .