Written by: joy bohland

The ocean that I am and the rivers winding through you
Know you better than I did, want to know you better than I do
Maybe one day I’ll swim, swim all the way through you

Its so hard
So hard
When you’re this far
Makes me wonder what we are
Yet I still need time…
just a little more time
I listen to your songs
When everything is wrong
In the morning before I leave
The ones I hope are about me

And I hope 
I give you enough
And I know
What a river does 
To me
Makes me move
When I don’t want to
When I want to be 
You say why stay still
When you can move?
So I move
As you move
And you do 
what I wish I could do
And I wonder what
An ocean does
To you
Hope its enough
What an ocean does to you

Hope I make you weak enough
And scare you some

Cuz I’d give anything
I’d give anything
I hope you know
I hope you know…

Whenever you’re wondering 
What I’m wondering
If its anything
If its anything
Its you