For Ages

Written by: Mushtaque Barq

Thy glory's droplet in me for ages
Yet parted Oh! we stand for ages.

This frame feeble and soul serene
Never mingled for sure, for ages.

Me thought ARSH, The Seat  Grand 
Yet in Hearts Pure Ye stay for ages.

Nay, now behind the veil long
So bright, such delight for ages.

In things Thy Grace, nay aloof
Nay in confines, Ye but for ages.

Adam and Eve, the recent being
Thy' Being' in them but for ages.

Me who? who in me, say how dare
This fear in here so dear for ages.

This mind, the serpent but coiled
Yet in words, nay He lives for ages.

Love nay faces, nay races but His Grace
Yet in faces, races He lives for ages.