Odd Flickering Light

Written by: Russell Sivey

Darkness covers the sky high up Listening to the beat of the house I project my heart to feel the sound A whole music entity is harbored therein As light is brought into the house It fills the night with bewilderment And I have fear of this unearthly show This path I’m one divides into two And the each surround the building The only thing I could see in this night Is the eerie light from within this house I approach here, trying to see inside A mansion in its own right I finally make it to the main window Inside are many candles flickering I see a lone man sitting on a settee He had a book in one hand And a pen frantically writing in the other The walls shimmer from the flame And the artwork is of the classic variety Even though it has an odd feel to the room This room is calming and tranquil The feel is so much greater here Than the outside of the house The tender looking man looks up And his eyes look directly into mine And I fear I’ve been caught So I run, quickly run on down the path Looking to find any place to hide And not looking back to the old house And only to hold this memory For the future episodes of my life I never went back, to this day I haven’t I still remember the room And all its calming flickering candles And the man writing frantically About what, nobody will ever know I will never forget, I will never forget
Russell Sivey Contest: A Little Free Verse Please! Sponsor: Kim Morrison 5/6/2013