The beast of Hidden Moon

Written by: Seosamh De Burca

A hidden moon sails above the darkened cloud
Confidant, arrogant and so hauntingly proud.
A stirring mass crawl’s the darkly naked trees.
A chilled malevolence creeps amongst the breeze.
A cracking twig races the heart, suddenly skips a beat,
You spin around wondering of the horrors yet to meet.
You scan the woods for signs; you train your searching ear,
All the time your heart races, thumps, increasing latent fear.
A distant howl vibrates, stirs the gathering mist,
Nocturnal sounds grate the nerves, hard to resist.
It grows louder, the clawing bushes rustle and shake,
You step away from the trees a decision to make.
Flee or stand, face the terrible entity of fear,
The noise increasing, what horror will soon appear?
You taste the bitter bile as your hands wildly tremble,
The shape grows into something your thoughts resemble 
A terrible cry escapes your lips and fills the darkened night,
As neighbours pour out of doors to check the haunting sight.
A beast bounds from the woods and knocks you to the ground,
Only then do you realise, it’s your loyal and loving hound. Burca.......© 6th May 2013