Tales of a Fairy

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Twilight has fallen on this
land of mythical beings.
The sun may rest peacefully
on the horizon but many creatures
have awoken.
Amongst all the plant life lives
a creature only known by the innocent
imaginations of the young; there are
fairies fluttering around the blooming
flowers in the look for sweet nectar.
Their wings flutter almost silently
creating a soft hum,
their small faces bare happy smiles
whilst emitting a striking glow, like
a little light hidden within.
A jingle can be heard as they fly
amongst the vibrant colours provided
by numerous flowers; they
seem to bounce to flower to flower,
many say it is their laughter but
some say it is the sound of their
fairy dust being sprinkled onto
many forms of life.
From time to time, a humble fairy
will travel beyond its home, peering
into many windows looking for that
one special being to bestow a gift.
It flutters into the dimly lit room and
sprinkles its magical fairy dust upon
the brow of a slumbering child; a slight
glow appears momentarily. 
It leaves without a single thought but
a smile spreads from cheek to cheek;
a wish will be granted when dawn breaks.
As the child dreams many strange images
appear; unknown sounds resonate from
places unknown.
Dawn begins to break and the child glows
golden; suddenly they are small and adorn
wings of an array of colour.
As the sun rises the new-born fairy is
ready to discover a world that was once
beneath their feet, a world that was
once out of reach; a world of magic
and discovery.