Written by: Joseph May

It was  one of those rainy,   overcast days
And she decided to do a little cleaning
As she dusted the furniture
Something caught her eye

 The old typewriter sat in the corner
neglected, and dusty all over
Beside it  lay its equally dusty cover
As she stared at it, her thoughts wandered
It was then that she started to reminisce

She thought back to her years
as a secretary, in a different place and time
When the  typewriter was king
She recalled how the ribbon would smudge the paper
How she would crumple them up

And toss them in the trash can
The can would be overflowing at the end of the day
How the boss would chase her around the desk
That was more the rule than the exception in those days

She could still hear those keys
As they banged against the ribbon
She used to sing to the rhythm of those keys
A song that she couldn't recall at the moment

She suddenly felt an urge
To take this ancient machine
And clean it up
Making it look shiny and new

And then for old times sake
She started tapping on those familiar keys
It was then that the song that had eluded  her 
 just moments before, came back to her
And she started singing to the rhythm of the keys
As the falling rain played a rhythm all its own

5 - 5 - 2013