Finding a Cure

Written by: Audrey Hays

How can the hatred be restored?
How many late nights with the cold last
Till we shudder away
How can night turn to day
When every place you look
Has a voice crying out
Don't you see it?
Are we blind to those who seek
A warm hug or just some words
of faith.

Do we run from the finish line cause
If we reach it we'll never stop
The regret of their leaving the cries to 
Catch their breath, holding on to their
Last moment
Are we so torn in our minds think things
Less through?
We need to gain the courage to stop the race
And turn our backs to the ones in need
They fade to a whisper as our presence
Grows near the whistle blows, they've run 
their course.

Now their gone the decision too late
But move on, take the trophy that was
Meant to shine, allow yourself to release
For you have helped no matter what
The price
They're there, safe and sound
And all you need to do is keep your 
feet running upon the ground.