need to get help one this sorry it sucks

Written by: Sara Perry

thinking of ways to escape 
thinking of how stuff use to be 
and how you would give anything in the world just to have it all back,
its sad how one person can forget how much everything use to mean 
how words become harsher
more painfuldela
reallity isnt so sweet when you sit back and rethink all that you lost 
all because of mistakes that could have been avioded,
its hard watching all you loved just disappear,
watching people walk away,
dealing with the pain you think is almost unbareable 
you may wanna jump off a cliff
or even wanna just die
you gotta remember to hang in there stay strong and open your eyes
life isnt easy it never was 
and sure it never will be 
hold your head held high
keep a smile one your face 

(need help cant think of ways to make better need to collaberate with someone)