Written by: maxwell collier

i live in the anger, i live in the fear, what is the difference? it is the reason why i am here. i try to see my future, but the answers arnt so clear. im driving my life, but i dont know how to steer. i try to be good, i try to be great, but how can i, with all this weight? i hate myself, because i cant get a date, i want to start over, and really clean the slate. but instead im bait, i cant just sit here and wait, to be angry all my life, is that really my fate? my life is just starting, im going to be late, im way above average, but what is my rate? im trying to get better, i dont want a cellmate. but im myself, although i dont know who to be, or what to do, i just want to be free, im done, im me.