Peach Pie And Ice Cream

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

There's a corner store, 
serving fresh Peach Pies,
and exotic fruits you wouldn't even recognize,
people drive for miles,
faces bright with smiles,
as they taste one big slice a la mode.

Fare extraordinaire, 
won't you travel there,
have you eaten perfect pastry you don't want to share?
come and gather round, 
make a joyful sound,
as you taste one big slice a la mode.

No need for slick advertising,
word of mouth's for those in the know,
no use for menu revising,
what you see is what you get each time you go.

My mouth waters when 
I go treat myself,
better for my taste buds to consume them off the shelf,
small wonder why I 
discharge a deep sigh,
as I taste one big slice a la mode!


...a piece, set to the melody, meter, rhythms and my own rhymes for Frederick Loewe's song, 'On The Street Where You Live.' from "My Fair Lady." 

   Just for FUN, y'all! Come sing along!!!