Peppermint Pigs

Written by: Giorgio A. V.

Peppermint Pigs

They come and go uncalled and bold
beseech in souls folklore redemption
demand and hide in pig deception, 
conglomerate a sinful mold.

Like flying pigs odd worlds in clouds, 
deceived dream songs called for and posed, 
called for and posed in heavens closed, 
with other lives assessed in shrouds.

Abstemious were our lives in caves, 
stars' overreach, offered pigs' lifts, 
peppermint's scent in festal drinks, 
with purgatory beat death's raves.

Verse cadence words will fit to share, 
will fit to share the pulse we send, 
our heart beats abstractly defend, 
peppermint pigs that were ensnared.

© 12-13-2012, G.V., All Rights Reserved

(Credit for the title "Peppermint Pigs" offered to Cockteau Twins and Elizabeth Fraser.)